Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury, Do I Need an Attorney?

Personal injuries can occur almost anywhere, and can be anywhere from a minor physical injury that will heal in a week’s time to major physical trauma. Although many people think of physical injuries when they hear the term personal injury, this isn’t always the case. Personal injury can be in the form of neglect and other non-physical means. If you have had a personal injury you may be wondering if you really need to go the length of hiring a professional, personal injury attorney.

Every time you turn on the TV, you see commercials for personal injury attorneys. You may have come to believe that every personal injury requires a long, drawn out legal process involving the employment of an attorney who is experienced with personal injury cases. True, there are cases that most definitely need to involve an attorney. However, don’t assume that every single personal injury case has to be handled by an attorney.

What Kind of Personal Injury Could I Possibly Handle on My Own?

In the case that you’re able to successfully handle your personal injury case without a lawyer, you’ll most likely end up with more compensation for your injury. But how do you know if you can do it on your own? First of all, you need to ensure you have a somewhat basic knowledge of how to proceed with a personal injury case. Once you have that, all you need is a patience and organization.

Basic injuries such as a slip and fall could very well be handled on your own. However, if you’re severely hurt or if the case is complicated (think toxic exposure or malpractice), you should definitely seek out the assistance of an experienced attorney.

In most cases, a claim involves nothing more than a few letters and phone calls. Usually common sense is going to rule the case. You don’t have to be frightened by everyone claiming you won’t get what’s due if you go about your case alone. The amount you’re owed actually is structured, depending on the injury, the type of accident, and medical costs.

Yes, You Need an Attorney

There definitely times when an attorney is needed for your personal injury case. If your injury is going to be a long term one or one that leaves you disabled in any way, get an attorney. Other times you should consult an experienced attorney are:

·       When malpractice is involved

·       If your injury involves toxic exposure

·       When an insurance company doesn’t want to pay

In these cases, an attorney will normally be needed to help ensure your case is handled properly and you receive what you’re entitled to.